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Our World War I Veterans
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Akey, Lawrence Pvt Army Rudolph
Arnett, George Pvt Army Marshfield
Arnett, William Pvt Army Marshfield
Babcock, George G (Seaman Navy Wisc. Rapids
Binder, Louis Pvt Army Marshfield
Boltwood, Lucas (S) Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Breseman, Frederick W Pvt Army Marshfield
Brostowicz, Ignacy 'Gus' Pvt Army Siegel
Bruderli, Fred Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Buckley, John W (S) 1Lt Army Wisc. Rapids
Budde, Julius A Pvt Army Siegel
Busche, Christian Army Marshfield
Case, Fred T Pvt Army Junction City
Coates, John J Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Fischer, John A (S) Corp Army Marshfield
Fisher, John P Army Wisc. Rapids
Fleisner, Louis (S) Pvt Army Marshfield
Grube, Fred M (S) Corp Army Auburndale
Grundkowski, Alex (S) Pvt Navy Wisc. Rapids
Haasl, John Army Milladore
Hagerstrom, Charles R (S) Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Hamel, Archie Pvt Army Nekoosa
Hauser, August M Pvt Army Sherry
Hendrickson, Henry B Pvt Army Marshfield
Hintz, Fred E (S) Corp Army Marshfield
Huggins, Robert C (S) A.P.S. Navy Nekoosa
Jackan, Lucas F (S) A.P.S. Navy Nekoosa
Jaeckel, Harold E Corp Army Marshfield
Jewanske, Max (S) Pvt Army Pittsville
Kallman, William F (S) Pvt Navy Wisc. Rapids
Kidder, Harvey W Army Township of Rock
Koller, Michael Pvt Army Blenker, WI
Kunz, Earl F Pvt Army Marshfield
LaCross, Oscar Army Arpin
Langer, Edward J (S) Pvt Army Rudolph
Larsen, Harold K S2C Navy Nekoosa
Lee, William W (S) 2Lt Army Marshfield
Lesselyong, Wm (S) Sgt Army Marshfield
Lindstrom, Carl E Pvt Army Siegel
Lipsitz, Henry Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Lutz, Leo Navy Marshfield
Mangold, Louis (S) Corporal Army Marshfield
Manz, Paul Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Marsh, Joseph C (S) Pvt Army Marshfield
Mattson, Harold Pvt Army Marshfield
McClaflin, Arthur W (S) Pvt Army Arpin
Miller, Alvin E Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Miller, Ernest G Sgt Army Marshfield
Miller, Mike J (S) Pvt Army Marshfield
Mueller, Frank J Pvt Army Marshfield
Nimm, Timothy P (S) Pvt Army Arpin
Palmer, Harry M (S) Sgt Army Pittsville
Parks, Edward J Pvt Army Marshfield
Passer, William (S) Pvt Army Arpin
Paul, Andrew R Pvt Army Milladore
Pazurek, Paul Corp Army Wisc. Rapids
Peterson, Ole E Pvt Army Vesper
Podawiltz, Henry Army Wisc. Rapids
Ponczoch, Joseph A Pvt Army Marshfield
Potts, Francis E 2Lt Army Vesper
Provost, Jesse Army Rudolph
Purdy, Willard D Sgt Army Marshfield
Riethus, William G (S) Sgt Army Marshfield
Rockwell, Vera (S) Army Grand Rapids
Sampson, Henry Army Wisc. Rapids
Schielz, Henry (S) Corp Army Marshfield
Schiesl, George A Pvt Army Marshfield
Schmitt, M C Corp Army Richfield
Schultz, Paul H (S) Pvt Army Marshfield
Seidl, Louis A (S) Pvt Army Marshfield
Semenske, Edward (S) Pvt Army Pittsville
Skaya, Barney (S) Pvt Army Marshfield
Slining, Ole Pvt Army Nekoosa
Soles, Walter H (S) Pvt Army Marshfield
Soward, Richard Pvt Army Nekoosa
Stangl, Joseph (S) Pvt Army Marshfield
Timlin, Eugene C Corp Army Nekoosa
Tosch, John A (S) Pvt Army Vesper
Trierweiler, Nich. F (S) Pvt Army Marshfield
Turkofske, Otto M Army Pittsville
Vanvoorhees, Wes. C (S) Pvt Army Marshfield
Varney, Everett L (S) 2Lt Army Marshfield
Viertel, George (S) Pvt Army Altdorf
Weber, Valentine Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Weigel, Nicholas A (S) Pvt Army Marshfield
Wellner, Louis (S) Pvt Army Marshfield
Wells, Cooper D (S) Sgt Army Marshfield
Whitney, George W (S) S Navy Marshfield
Winch, Ray Corp Army Marshfield
Witt, George J Pvt Army Milladore
Woodell, Allen I Pvt Army Grand Rapids
Wright, Ivo E Pvt Army Marshfield
Yaeger, Herbert W Pvt Army Marshfield
Zurfluh, Joseph Army Nekoosa


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