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Our World War I Veterans
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Akey, Laurence L. Corp. Army Rudolph, WI
Arnett, George Pvt Army Marshfield
Arnett, William Pvt Army Marshfield, WI
Babcock, George Grant Seaman Navy Wisc. Rapids
Binder, Louis J. Pvt Army Marshfield
Boltwood, Lucias Comstock Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Bresemann, Frederick W Pvt Army Marshfield
Brostowicz, Ignacy 'Gus' Pvt Army Siegel
Bruderli, Fred Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Buckley, John W 1Lt Army Wisc. Rapids
Budde, Julius A Pvt Army Siegel
Busche, Christian Army Marshfield
Case, Fred Thomas Pvt Army Junction City
Coates, John J Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Fischer, John A Corp Army Marshfield
Fisher, John P PVT Army Wisc. Rapids
Fleisner, Louis Pvt Army Marshfield
Grube, Fred M Corp Army Auburndale
Grundkowski, Alex Pvt Navy Wisc. Rapids
Haasl, John Army Milladore
Hagerstrom, Charles "Charley" R Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Hamel, Archie Pvt Army Nekoosa
Hauser, August Michael Pvt Army Sherry
Hendrickson, Henry B Pvt Army Marshfield
Hintz, Fred E Corp Army Marshfield
Huggins, Robert P A.P.S. Navy Nekoosa
Jackan, Lucas F A.P.S. Navy Nekoosa, WI USA
Jaeckel, Harold Edwin Herman Corp Army Marshfield
Jewanske, Max Pvt Army Pittsville
Kallman, William Frank Pvt Navy Wisconsin Rapids
Kidder, Harvey W Army Township of Rock
Koller, Michael Pvt Army Blenker, WI
Kunz, Earl F Pvt Army Marshfield
LaCross, Oscar Army Arpin
Langer, Edward J Pvt Army Rudolph
Larsen, Harold K S2C Navy Nekoosa
Lee, William W 2Lt Army Marshfield
Lesselyong, William Sgt Army Marshfield
Lindstrom, Carl Alban Pvt Army Siegel
Lipsitz, Henry Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Lutz, Leopold "Leo" Navy Marshfield
Mangold, Louis Corporal Army Marshfield
Manz, Paul Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Marsh, Joseph C Pvt Army Marshfield
Mattson, Harold Pvt Army Marshfield
McClaflin, Arthur W Pvt Army Arpin
Miller, Alvin E Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Miller, Ernest G Sgt Army Marshfield
Miller, Mike J Pvt Army Marshfield
Mueller, Frank Joseph Pvt Army Marshfield
Mueller, Walter C Army Wood Co. Sheriff Dept
Nimm, Timothy P Pvt Army Arpin
Palmer, Harry M Sgt Army Pittsville
Parks, Edward J Pvt Army Marshfield
Passer, William Pvt Army Arpin
Paul, Andrew R Pvt Army Milladore
Pazurek, Paul Corp Army Wisc. Rapids
Peterson, Ole E Pvt Army Vesper
Podawiltz, Henry Army Wisc. Rapids
Ponczoch, Joseph A Pvt Army Marshfield
Potts, Francis E 2Lt Army Vesper
Provost, Jesse Army Rudolph
Purdy, Willard D Sgt Army Marshfield
Riethus Jr., William John Sgt Army Marshfield
Rockwell, Vera M Red Cross Nurse Army Grand Rapids
Sampson, Henry Army Wisc. Rapids
Schielz, Jr. , Henry Corp Army Marshfield 7 Sep 1886 Marathon County, Wisconsin, USA
Schiesl, George A Pvt Army Marshfield
Schmitt, Mathias C Corp Army Richfield
Schultz, Paul H Pvt Army Marshfield
Seidl, Louis A Pvt Army Marshfield
Semenske, Edward Pvt Army Pittsville
Skaya, Barney Pvt Army Marshfield, WI
Slining, Ole Pvt Army Nekoosa
Soles, Walter H Pvt Army Marshfield
Soward, Richard Pvt Army Nekoosa
Stangl, Joseph Pvt Army Marshfield
Timlin, Eugene C Corp Army Nekoosa
Tosch Jr. , John A Pvt Army Vesper
Trierweiler, Nicholas Fred Pvt Army Marshfield
Turkofske, Otto M Army Pittsville
Vanvoorhees, Wes. C Pvt Army Marshfield
Varney, Everett L 2Lt Army Marshfield
Viertel, George Pvt Army Altdorf
Weber, Valentine Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Weigel, Nicholas A Pvt Army Marshfield
Wellner, Louis Pvt Army Marshfield
Wells, Cooper D Sgt Army Marshfield
Whitney, George Wayne S Navy Marshfield, WI
Winch, Ray Corp Army Marshfield
Witt, George J Pvt Army Milladore
Woodell, Allen I Pvt Army Grand Rapids
Wright, Ivo E Pvt Army Marshfield
Yager , Herbert W Corporal Army Marshfield
Zurfluh, Joseph E. Pvt Army Nekoosa


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