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Lucas F Jackan

Credit: Credit: Keith #46875326 Find A Grave

War: World War I
Parent/Wife: Son of Julia and Mike Jackan
City: Nekoosa, WI USA
Birth Date: 24 Sept 1892
Death Date: 19 Sept 1918
How Died: Dod
Where Died: Great Lakes, IL
Where Buried: Riverside Cemetery Nekoosa, Wood County, Wisconsin, USA
Rank: A.P.S.
Branch: Navy

Kia=Killed in Action
Dow=Died of Wounds
Dod=Died of Disease
Mia=Missing in Action


26 Sep 1918, Thu The Daily Tribune (Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin) Newspapers.com
Lucas Jackan was the first casualty to die from the Nekoosa area in World War I. His parents were informed of their son's death on September 19th, 1918.

Lucas was born September 24, 1892. He moved to the Nekoosa area with his parents, one year prior to his death. Lucas died of pheumonia while he was at the Great Lakes Training Station. He was training for the U.S. Navy and entered the Naval Training Station a few months before his death.

He had visited his parents just two weeks prior to his death, so when Lucas' parents were informed, it came as quite a shock to friends and family.

The services were held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Nekoosa, and his body lies in Riverview Cemetery. As the first casualty to die from our area, Lucas Jackan should be remembered for his services to our country.

Jerica Breen, Student
East Junior High, Wisconsin Rapids


On the dreadful morning of September 26, 1918 the news was delivered to Mr. and Mrs. M. Jackan that their son, Lucas Jackon, had passed away at the Great Lakes Training Station from pneumonia earlier that day. The news had traveled quickly around the small town of Nekoosa and word of his life was soon more appreciated.

Lucas Jackan was born in Sigel, WI, September 24,1892. He was only 26 years old when he passed away. He arrived in Nekoosa in 1817, and just six months after he lived there he joined the Naval Training System. But, just days before his death, he went and paid a visit to his family and friends. When he died, it was such a massive shock to everyone because they never thought it could happen. His funeral service was held at Sacred Heart Church, where immediately following was the interment in the Riverview Cemetery. But aside from his basic life, what was the Training camp itself, like?

The Great Lakes Naval Training Center is home to the U.S. Navy's Recruit Training Command (RTC), It is one of the biggest military installations and Training Centers in the Navy. But, by 1994, it became the only RTC for the Navy. "Boot Camp" became its former name. This Boot Camp had high expectations and in order to become a recruit you have to change your life to successfully get through it. Diseases were easily passed in this camp because of the poor sanitation, which later may lead to death.

Pneumonia, otherwise known as a chronic disease caused by inflammation, was a common disease that made its way through the Camp. Pneumonia compared to influenza was the most popular and probable to infect the lives of the people attending the Training Camp. Lucas, as well as hundreds that followed in his steps, died from diseases before entering the war.

Lucas was a respected and beloved gentleman who chose to fight for the U.S. in WWI. Hundreds of thousands of men died in action during the war, while many fought their own inner battle before even coming in contact with the actual fighting. We all know someone whose grand-parent participated in this world-wide catastrophe.

Danielle Flatoff
East Junior High School


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