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Our World War II Veterans
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Arendt, Roger J SSgt Air Force Port Edwards
Arndt, Clarence E Pfc Army Wisc. Rapids
Arpin, Louis W 1C Navy Wisc. Rapids
Aschenbrenner, Edward M. Pvt Army Auburndale
Bain, Henry, Jr. F SSgt Air Force Wisc. Rapids
Baldwin, Victor F S-2 Navy Wisc. Rapids
Barrett, Robert L Pfc Army Marshfield
Bathke, Norbert H Pvt Army Blenker
Bauer, William J Pfc Army Auburndale
Bayerl, Joseph P S-Sgt Army Milladore
Becker, Raymond K Cpl Army Marshfield
Becker, Robert C Signalman3 Navy Marshfield
Beidel, Adolph P Cpl Army Hewitt
Bell, Robert K Tech-Sgt Air Force Port Edwards
Bender, Bruce Navy Wisc. Rapids
Beseler, Frank R 2C Navy Marshfield
Birge, Robert R Lt Army Marshfield
Blonien, Elmer F Pvt Army Rudolph
Boehm, George J Pvt Marines Marshfield
Bores, George S Pfc Army Marshfield
Brandt, Clifford G (S) Army Pittsville
Brandt, Jerome T Pfc Army Marshfield
Breese, Earl W Sgt Army Port Edwards
Brehm, Donald E Pfc Air Force Wisc. Rapids
Brown, George E (S) S2 Navy Wisc. Rapids
Brown, Harold J Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Buehler, Bernard V S/Sgt Air Force Nekoosa
Burkhardt, Willard W Pvt Army Auburndale
Burwell, Harold H Lt Army Wisc. Rapids
Busche, Frank, Jr J Sgt Army Marshfield
Bushway, Anthony Pvt Marines Milladore
Carey, Dalton Pharmacist's Mate2 Navy Marshfield
Carlson, Richard D (S) Pfc Army Wisc. Rapids
Cherney, Carl J Ssgt Army Marshfield
Cleveland, Leland E Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Collier, Charles W Pfc Army Wisc. Rapids
Conklin, Douglas A Sgt Army Vesper
Cooper, Clifford (S) Pfc Army Wisc. Rapids
Corey, John A Sgt Army Wisc. Rapids
Crabb, John C Pfc Army Milladore
Crowns, Howard W Pvt Army Nekoosa
Damitz, Dale F (S) Sgt Army Wisc. Rapids
Daskam, Charles FLO Air Force Nekoosa
Daum , John A Pvt Army Marshfield
David, LaVern V F/O Air Force Wisc. Rapids
Davis, Dean E Army Wisc. Rapids
Davis, Phillip F (S) S-Sgt Air Force Wisc. Rapids
Dickof, Russell W 1Lt Air Force Marshfield
Dickson, Glen R (S) Pvt Army Pittsville
Dillinger, Louis Pfc Army Marshfield
Dittmann, Philip A (S) Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Domack, Eugene R F-O Air Force Wisc. Rapids
Dye, Sedney A Pfc Army Pittsville
Ebert, Verlyn W Pvt Army Marshfield
Eckes, Clement P Sgt Army Marshfield
Ellis, Charles W (S) 1Lt Army Wisc. Rapids
Emerson, Andrew A (S) Army Wisc. Rapids
Fahrner, Neil A Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Fehrenbach, Donald H 2Lt Air Force Marshfield
Firth, Gordon A (S) S2C Navy Wisc. Rapids
Fitzgerald, Charles L Sgt Marines Wisc. Rapids
Flick, John A (S) Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Frankwick, Clarence S Pfc Army Marshfield
Fulmer, Harold T Pvt Army Marshfield
Galloway, Gordon E 2C Navy Wisc. Rapids
Garbrecht, Kenneth C Pvt Army Marshfield
Gehl, Donald C Pvt Army Marshfield
Geschke, Carl C Pfc Army Nekoosa
Giese, Frank H FO Air Force Wisc. Rapids
Giese, Arthur J (S) yeoman Navy Wisc. Rapids
Gjertsen, Ralph N 1Lt Air Force Wisc. Rapids
Goodrich, Joe Jr (S) T/5 Army Wisc. Rapids
Grassman, Fred R (S) S2C Navy Marshfield
Grzanna, Joseph A Pvt Army Junction City
Guthrie, Robert B RO Marines Auburndale
Haeni, Robert Pvt Army Marshfield
Hansen, James C (S) T-Sgt Army Marshfield
Hartl, Rudolph P Sgt Army Marshfield
Hasenohrl, Ed J (S) S-Sgt Army Auburndale
Havlena, James J Pfc Marines Nekoosa
Heinen, Ira E Pfc Army Junction City
Heller, Leland Pvt Army Marshfield
Henry, Donald G Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Hertel, Francis J Corp Army Milladore
Hesse, LeRoy F Sgt Marines Wisc. Rapids
Hinek, Alexander M Pfc Army Milladore
Hladilek, Charles A R1C Navy Vesper
Hoag, Walter E Sgt Army Marshfield
Holz, Donald V Pfc Marines Nekoosa
Huebscher, Otto F (S) MMM-3 Navy Marshfield
Jacoby, Alvin G T-5 Army Wisc. Rapids
Kahoun, Robert J (S) Pfc Army Wisc. Rapids
Kedrowski, Henry J (S) Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Kellner, Frank J Pfc Marines Marshfield
Kleifgen, Karl (S) Pvt Army Pittsville
Knebel, Erwin P T-5 Army Marshfield
Krehnke, John A T-5 Army Nekoosa
Kronstedt, Ernest A Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Krug, Frederick Army Wisc. Rapids
Kruger, Richard A (S) Sgt Air Force Wisc. Rapids
Krupka, Orlando A (S) 2LT Air Force Milladore
LaBrot, Charles K Pfc Army Wisc. Rapids
Laird, William C Ens Navy Marshfield
Lamb, Robert L (S) Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Lamb, Virgil L (S) Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Lange, Cornelius J Cpl Army Marshfield
Lange, Robert W Cpl Marines Marshfield
Larson, Donald W S-1C Navy Wisc. Rapids
Leder, Carl F 3-C Navy Wisc. Rapids
Lemke, William A 1Sgt Army Marshfield
Leonhard, Linus G M-Sgt Air Force Marshfield
Linzmeier, Andrew T-5 Army Milladore
Loos, Everett Pvt Army Marshfield
Lubben, John F (S) Lt Air Force Wisc. Rapids
Luedtke, Reuben V Cpl Army Marshfield
Manthei, James R Cpl Air Force Marshfield
Markee, Terry C Pfc Army Marshfield
Martin, Anthony B (S) Sgt Air Force Wisc. Rapids
Mason, Gerald H (S) S-Sgt Army Wisc. Rapids
Mathews, George M 2Lt Air Force Wisc. Rapids
Mathews, Jack H Sgt Army Wisc. Rapids
McAllister, Lee F (S) Pfc Army Wisc. Rapids
Mead, George W (S) Pvt Army Marshfield
Mechler, Richard E Trooper Army Marshfield
Merkel, Leander S (S) S-Sgt Army Marshfield
Michalski, Jerome J S1C Coast Guard Marshfield
Michels, Victor L Pfc Army Marshfield
Miller, James V Cpl Army Hewitt
Mittelsteadt, Karl A Ens Navy Marshfield
Moen, Henry A (S) S-Sgt Army Marshfield
Mortimer, Ellis A Pvt Army Marshfield
Mueller, Alvin C Pfc Army Marshfield
Mueller, Lloyd J Sgt Army Marshfield
Neinfeldt, Charles L (S) S-Sgt Air Force Wisc. Rapids
Neises, Arnold J Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Obermayer, Fred W (S) Pvt Army Marshfield
Obermeier, Robert J Pvt Army Marshfield
Omholt, Gail M. S/Sgt Army Rudolph
Pagels, Howard W Sgt Army Wisc. Rapids
Pankratz, Anthony S-Sgt Air Force Auburndale
Peik, George H Pfc Army Arpin
Perham, James M Cpl Army Wisc. Rapids
Pinney, Clifford E (S) Sgt Army Pittsville
Plowman, Dennis H Pfc Army Wisc. Rapids
Primeau, Francis W T-5, Cpl Army Arpin
Putzier, Elmer W Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Quimby, Albert J Pfc Army Wisc. Rapids
Quinn, James N Lt Air Force Marshfield
Rath, Willard F S-Sgt Army Wisc. Rapids
Redmond, Thomas J (S) Sgt Army Pittsville
Reed, Russell F Cpl Army Marshfield
Reese, Donald E Sgt Army Marshfield
Regan, Edwin J S-Sgt Army Wisc. Rapids
Reimer, Russell H T-Sgt Air Force Wisc. Rapids
Reinwand, Vernon C PFC Army Marshfield
Rezin, Douglas S Lt Air Force Nekoosa
Risley, Paul Pfc Army Wisc. Rapids
Ritchie, Hubert P Pfc Army Pittsville
Roever, John L T-Sgt Air Force Marshfield
Rogney, Arthur J (S) Cpl Army Marshfield
Rosebush, Richard G 2Lt Air Force Port Edwards
Rottscheit, Arnold (S) Pfc Army Marshfield
Rude, Julius S2-C Navy Wisc. Rapids
Ruder, Jacob E S2C Navy Marshfield
Ruder, LeRoy A (S) Captain Air Force Nekoosa
Sadowska, Ivan G (S) Pvt Army Marshfield
Schilter, Norman J S-Sgt Air Force Vesper
Schmidt, Clarence Pfc Army Pittsville
Schmidt, Erwin O S2 Navy Marshfield
Schoonover, John H PM1stC Navy Port Edwards
Schuetz, Wallace J 2C Navy Wisc. Rapids
Schultz, Edward J (S) Cpl Navy Pittsville
Schuman, George W Lt Air Force Nekoosa
See, Philip J.,Jr. (S) Pfc Army Marshfield
Severt, Frederick A Cpl Air Force Wisc. Rapids
Simon, John N (S) Sgt Army Wisc. Rapids
Smith, Eugene S-Sgt Army Wisc. Rapids
Smith, Floyd B Pfc Army Marshfield
Smith, Manuel Pvt Army Pittsville
Soloski, Mike H T-Sgt Army Marshfield
Spry, Harlan A Pvt Air Force Nekoosa
Staege, Dale R Pfc Army Nekoosa
Steger, Reuben J S-Sgt Army Marshfield
Stempinski, Mathew E Pfc Army Nekoosa
Stephenson, Glen. G Capt Army Arpin
Sternot, Edmund S-Sgt Army Vesper
Stoflet, Roger M S-Sgt Army Arpin
Stoltzmann, Ray C Capt Army Marshfield
Strupp, Daniel H Pfc Army Auburndale
Stuve, Frank H Ens Navy Cranmoor
Sundet, Aubrey G Lt Army Wisc. Rapids
Tjepkema, Richard J Pfc Army Marshfield
Tuttle, Elroy B (S) Cpl Marines Marshfield
Utegaard, Thomas Lt Comm Navy Wisc. Rapids
Vandenberg, Allen B S Coast Guard Nekoosa
Vogler, Robert T-Sgt Army Marshfield
Walsh, Irving A Pvt Army Blenker
Warner, Keith Sgt Army Nekoosa
Waterman, Sidney C (S) Pfc Army Wisc. Rapids
Watson, James A (S) Sgt Army Wisc. Rapids
Weinbauer, Erwin L Pfc Army Wisc. Rapids
Weinfurter, Hubert B Pvt Marines Marshfield
Wendt, George P Cpl Army Marshfield
White, Joseph J Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Wiederhoeft, Donald J (S) Lt Marines Wisc. Rapids
Winter, Howard G Pvt Army Junction City
Wipfli, Gerald F (S) Pfc Army Nekoosa
Witte, Conrad A T-4 Army Wisc. Rapids
Wolcott, Carroll L S-Sgt Army Nekoosa
Wood, Lester O S2c Navy Wisc. Rapids
Wunrow, Robert F MT/S Marines Arpin
Wyatt, Thomas E Maj Army Marshfield
Yager, Quentin J Pvt Army Wisc. Rapids
Zettler, Paul F S-Sgt Army Marshfield
Zwicke, Donald R Pfc Army Wisc. Rapids


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