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George W (S) Mead

War: World War II
Parent/Wife: Angus
City: Marshfield
Birth Date: 17 Jan 1921
Death Date: 12 Oct 1942
How Died: Drowned
Where Died: Crawfordvill, GA
Where Buried: Marshfield
Rank: Pvt
Branch: Army

Kia=Killed in Action
Dow=Died of Wounds
Dod=Died of Disease
Mia=Missing in Action


George W. Mead was born in Marshfield on Jan 17th, 1921, and he attended school in Marshfield. He had two brothers, Clarence A. Mead and Harrison Mead, and a sister, Mrs. Ferdinand Thums. After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the army. The date he enlisted was June 12, 1940. He was stationed at Fort McClellan, Alabama for about a year, then was promoted to corporal and transferred to Fort Benning, Georgia. He was about to get promoted a second time when he transferred to Camp Gordon, Georgia, but George Mead was demoted to Private because of an ear ailment. While he was stationed at the camp, he drowned while swimming at a recreational park on October 12th 1921. The funeral was held in Marshfield. He is listed with DNB status.

Written by
Brad Evenson, Student East Junior High


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