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Arnold Rottscheit

War: World War II
Parent/Wife: Peter
City: Marshfield
Birth Date: 2 July 1922
Death Date: 13 Dec 1942
How Died: Kia
Where Died: New Guinea
Where Buried:
Rank: Pfc
Branch: Army

Kia=Killed in Action
Dow=Died of Wounds
Dod=Died of Disease
Mia=Missing in Action


Arnold G. Rottscheit

Many brave men serve their country, even if some oppose. They fight for Liberty, freedom, and all that their country has given them. Arnold G. Rottscheit was just one of many brave men to serve honorably for his country.

Arnold G. Rottscheit of Marshfield served the United States in World War II at the age of twenty. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rottscheit, were informed that their son had gone missing in action around the southwest Pacific area on December 6th, 1942. He was known to have been in New Guinea with an artillery unit and has been in service since National Guardsmen were inducted in October of 1940. The last his parents heard from him was a letter dated November 28. Arnold left Marshfield with a local National Guard company and served in New Guinea, he was one of several men who died in the Guna-Gona front.

Arnold was born in Marshfield on July 2, 1922 and attended St. John the Baptist’s Catholic School. He was a hard worker and helped his father at carpentry and other types of employment before he enlisted. Arnold was first transferred to Australia and volunteered for commando training and later moved to a cannon unit prior to when he went missing. Arnold Rottscheit has one brother and six sisters.

Michele Pooler, Student
Marshfield Senior High


Arnold G. Rottscheit

“Old soldiers never die, they just fade away,” said General MacArthur as he spoke to the joint meeting of Congress, at his retirement after World War II. This too is true with 20 year old Private First Class Arnold G. Rottscheit. Arnold was a brave, young soldier from Marshfield. Unfortunately, we were never able to find out the true cause of his death. Imagine receiving tragic news that your son has died, and his body cannot be found. Yet, Arnold, with his intriguing life, will forever hold a place in our hearts.

Arnold’s life began in a little town in central Wisconsin called Marshfield. He was born on July 2, 1922. He too, grew up in Marshfield, and later attended St. John’s Catholic School. Arnold had one brother, Edward and six sisters. The sisters included Leland, Emery, Sylvia, Alice, Lorraine, and Jean, who lived at home. Before enlisting in the National Guard, Arnold worked with his father at carpentry and variety of other jobs. This is all that is known of Arnold G. Rottscheit’s years before the National Guard. < br>
Arnold began his service to our nation after enlisting in the National Guard on October, 1940. He first volunteered for “commando” training and was later transferred to a cannon unit. Arnold achieved the ranking of Private First Class which is the third level of ranking in the Army. The last known area in which Arnold fought was the New Guinea front. This is where he later perished.

Imagine the solemn, mournful, and lachrymose state of Arnold’s family after receiving a telegram from the War Department that Arnold has been missing since December 5. After recently receiving a letter from Arnold, the family’s hopes of him surviving were unfathomably crushed.

Despite the minute quantity of information relating to Arnold G. Rottscheit, we are able to grasp the general idea of his life and death. Arnold was a brave young soul who served our country, and died doing so. Arnold is one of the many who we should be thankful for. His efforts combined with all the other soldiers, allowed humanity to enter into a temporary state of peace when the war ended. We should forever hold a place in our hearts for Arnold G. Rottsheit.

Phillip Kubica, Student
Marshfield Junior High


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