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Karl Kleifgen

Credit: Keith #46875326 Find A Grave

War: World War II
Parent/Wife: Anton
City: Pittsville
Birth Date: 1 Dec 1920
Death Date: 29 May 1943
How Died: Dod
Where Died: Clinton, IA
Where Buried: Pittsville
Rank: Pvt
Branch: Army

Kia=Killed in Action
Dow=Died of Wounds
Dod=Died of Disease
Mia=Missing in Action


Karl Kleifgen

A young man just gets recruited into the army. After only two weeks, this man gets extremely sick. Then he goes to a hospital in Clinton Iowa, still very sick. About four weeks later this man dies. This is what happened to Private Karl Kleifgen from Pittsville.

Karl Kleifgen was born in Germany on December 1, 1920. In September of 1924 Karl and his family moved to the United States where they lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His mom died when they were living in Milwaukee and because of that Karl, his dad, and brother moved to Pittsville, Wisconsin, on March 16, 1931.

Karl attended a parochial school and graduated in 1935. He then moved and started working at Hotel Sherman in Chicago. After that he entered the army and was inducted January 29, 1943, at Camp Grant, Illinois just four days before Germany surrendered at Stalingrad. He got very sick two weeks later and went to the station hospital. He was then transferred to the hospital in Clinton Iowa, where he died May 29, 1943.

Karl was outlived by his father, his brother, and many cousins. Even though Karl didnít get to fight in the war he still wanted to support his country. Karl tried to fight in the war even after all that he had been through including moving from the country he was fighting and having his mother die. Karl was a brave soldier.

Aaron Leinwander, Student
Marshfield Junior High


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