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Adolph P Beidel

War: World War II
Parent/Wife: Peter
City: Hewitt
Birth Date: 17 Oct 1915
Death Date: 21 Nov 1943
How Died: Traffic accident
Where Died: California
Where Buried: Hewitt
Rank: Cpl
Branch: Army

Kia=Killed in Action
Dow=Died of Wounds
Dod=Died of Disease
Mia=Missing in Action


Adolf Beidel

Imagine arriving home on a beautiful, July summer day not knowing that this would be the last time ever to see your parents again. This thought probably never passed through Adolf Beidel’s mind, but after twenty seemingly short days the reality struck. Adolf re-entered the destruction of World War II. Letters kept coming in from his hopeful parents but they never received a response. Finally they knew what had happened to their son, Corporal Adolf Beidel.

Adolf Beidel was born in Hewitt on October 17, 1915. He also attended school in Hewitt at St. Joseph’s Parochial School. His parents were the typical American farmers of that time and after graduation Adolf went to working the fields. Later, he worked at Roddis Lumber and Veneer Company in downtown Marshfield. On May 19, 1942, Adolf made one of the most important decisions of his life. He entered the United States Army.

Adolf received his basic training in Fort Francis E. Warren in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He also attended mechanical school and after this schooling Adolf was assigned to a tank battalion. Adolf could have had one out of the three tank battalion jobs: a tank gunner, a tank technician, or a tank driver. He could have possibly been in the brutal first offensive attacks of 1943 against the Japanese on the Solomon Islands and Guadalcanal in the Pacific. At that time also the Allied invasion of the New Georgia Islands began.

After about one year, Adolf returned home for one last visit in the summer months of July. He continued to send letters to his family after his leave and throughout the time he served in the army. Upon his return into the destruction and death, Adolf was sent to a base in California. At the Californian base where Adolf stationed, he was tragically killed in a car accident. Adolf’s family never again would receive a letter from their son. A Solemn Requiem High Mass was read and a burial was held at St. Michael’s Catholic Church of Hewitt.

Courtney Klein, Student
Marshfield Junior High


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